About TRI

The Relationship Institute (TRI) is a professional partnership created by Dr. Steve Solomon and Dr. Lorie Teagno. Through TRI, Drs. Teagno and Solomon provide an array of INTIMACY THERAPY services to couples and individuals as well as a wide range of training opportunities for therapists. TRI is committed to enriching and supporting relationships and individuals and educating couples and individuals as well as mental health professionals about the secrets that create and cement Long-Term Love Relationships.

TRI’s work includes training therapists in the TRI Intimacy Therapy approach to marital and relationship therapy. Drs. Solomon and Teagno offer trainings for therapists through various professional organizations including the San Diego Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association, and other associations and private groups. TRI has also made presentations for the general public to many different groups and organizations and Drs. Teagno and Solomon have been interviewed on many different radio and television shows, as well as for various newspaper and magazine articles.


Drs. Teagno and Solomon are both licensed clinical psychologists in the State of California. Each has been in practice for more than 35 years. They have trained with the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, CA and many other noted therapists including Virginia Satir, Carl Whittaker, Tom Rusk, James Framo, Terry Real and Esther Perel.

Steve and Lorie have been professional partners, associates and collaborators for over 35 years. They each have separate private practices but have worked together offering couples therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, couples group therapy and professional trainings for therapists. They have co- written articles and recently published their first book, “Intimacy after Infidelity: How to Rebuild and Affair-Proof Your Marriage” (2007, New Harbinger Publications, Inc).


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Our offices are located at 3262 Holiday Court, La Jolla, CA 92037.
Dr. Solomon is located in Suite 203 while Dr. Teagno is in Suite 200.

We established TRI and this website to share with you the secrets of having a strong, healthy and fulfilling Long-Term Love Relationship.