Individual Therapy

At TRI we not only focus on healing and rebuilding Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLR), we also work extensively with individuals to strengthen their relationship with her or himself. This dramatically increases our individual clients’ ability to take good care of and feel good about themselves. It also drastically increases their ability to create healthy, intimate Long-Term Love Relationships.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you unhappy, depressed or suffering from anxiety?
  • Are you down on yourself?
  • Are you worried about where your life is going or who you’re becoming?
  • Do you find yourself repeatedly making bad decisions that sabotage you?

If you answered YES to any of these, consider beginning a course of TRI Individual Therapy. However, only do this if you can answer YES to this next question…

  • Are you ready to do the work that will change all that?

If you are, reach out to Dr. Teagno or Dr. Solomon to start turning your life around.

TRI will work with you in individual therapy to help you get your life on the right path, the path you want your life to travel along, your path, the path that is healthy and right for you. For any of us, feeling good about who we are determines our ability to find that path and build a fulfilling life for ourselves and our loved ones.

We Can Help

The Relationship Institute’s Intimacy Therapy can help you get out of your own way and realize your intrinsic value, so your life is vibrant and your relationships thrive. For over 35 years we have helped thousands of individuals realize their potential and create lives of integrity and meaning.

Become one of those people!

Therapy Services

The Relationship Institute provides therapy services for individuals, couples and families. We have experience helping individuals overcome a wide array of difficult issues, such as those listed here:

Individual Therapy Specialties

  • Life crises
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Facing and recovering from addiction
  • Infertility challenges
  • Physical health challenges
  • Managing anger & intense emotions
  • Building loving relationships
  • Self-sabotaging behavior patterns
  • New marriage challenges
  • Parenting teens and balancing marriage
  • Step-parenting and Blended Families
  • Work concerns
  • Family challenges
  • Self-destructive habits
  • Loss and grief
  • Unresolved family of origin issues

Dr. Teagno and Dr. Solomon are licensed clinical psychologists who are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families build healthier, happier lives. We founded The Relationship Institute and created Intimacy Therapy to help individuals become the best version of themselves so they can create full, vibrant lives, and to help couples gain the ability to achieve true intimacy in their Long-Term Love Relationships. We WILL help you to understand your “stuck spots” and show you the way to be the kind of person and partner you want to become.

We particularly focus on working with individuals  in crisis or in the midst of major life transitions.

Whether you individually are in crisis or your Long-Term Love Relationship is on life support, TRI’s Intimacy Therapy can provide you with hope, support and the tools to repair, rebuild, strengthen and add resiliency to your sense of self and/or your relationship.

Resources for Individuals

Check out our library of useful resources for individuals that include links to TRI hand outs, educational materials and other resources for relationship assistance and conflict resolution.

TRI’s individual therapy can provide you with a deeper sense of self as well as tools for living with integrity and connection to yourself and others.