Couples Counseling

“Til death do us part” seemed so right, but now does it seem so impossible?

It is sad and scary when what once seemed so right and easy now feels so difficult and frustrating. At The Relationship Institute we specialize in helping couples develop Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLRs) by teaching you how to know yourself and your partner better and how to work through your differences so you rediscover the love and joy you once had. We will enable you to grow your relationship so that “till death do us part” becomes a joyful promise again.

Do you love your partner yet find yourself wondering or worrying whether the relationship is strong enough to withstand life’s stresses, or whether the relationship is just plain “enough” for you?

Having negative feelings toward your partner is normal.

What WILL doom any LTLR is if you two never become adept at dealing with your differences in a constructive way.

Fortunately, becoming skilled at healthy conflict is a learnable skill. Let us teach you to be able to do this. You’ll be amazed at how this transforms your relationship.

The Relationship InstituteIntimacy Therapy and our website offer you tools to improve your ability to be a good partner in any relationship, including how to evaluate your relative relationship strengths and weaknesses.

We offer the following resources for individuals and couples seeking information and assistance in improving the quality and intimacy in their relationships. You will also find information about how to deal with relationship crises such as infidelity and other forms of betrayal such as lying, as well as how to overcome unsuccessful conflict resolution and conflict laden and conflict avoidant relationships.

When choosing a couples therapist it is important to check his/her credentials, and the extent of their training in and experience working with couples.

Couples Therapy Services & Specialties

  • Relationships in Crisis
  • Dealing with Infidelity
  • Strengthening existing relationships
  • Empty-nest relationships
  • Aging and retirement issues, caretaking parents
  • Marriages and health challenges
  • Chronic and acute mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Managing Anger & intense emotions
  • Step-parenting skills
  • Building new loving relationships
  • Premarital assessment and skill building
  • New families
  • Parenting teens and balancing marriage
  • Family Therapy
  • Education groups for relationship skill building
  • Blended family therapy

Dr. Teagno and Dr. Solomon are licensed clinical psychologists who are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families build healthier, happier lives. We founded The Relationship Institute and created Intimacy Therapy to help individuals become the best version of themselves so they can create full, vibrant lives, and to help couples gain the ability to achieve true intimacy in their Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLRs). We WILL help you to understand your “stuck spots” and show you the way to be the kind of person and partner you want to become.

We particularly focus on working with couples who fear their relationship is broken beyond repair or in the midst of major life transitions.   

 It is our experience that a large percentage of couples in crisis can not only heal their LTLR, but can rebuild it so that their love is stronger than ever and their LTLR is more fulfilling and healthy than it has ever been.

Whether you individually are in crisis or your LTLR is on life support, TRI’s Intimacy Therapy can provide you with hope, support and the tools to repair, rebuild, strengthen and add resiliency to your sense of self and/or your relationship.

Couples Weekend Intensive

For any relationship in crisis.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times… Always with the same person.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge yourself to learn what expectations and anxieties you bring to your LTLR by completing the four FIRSTS handouts.

Resources for Couples

Check out our library of useful resources for couples that includes links to TRI hand outs, educational materials and other resources for relationship assistance and conflict resolution.