The Relationship Institute (TRI)

For Individuals

Our ability to lead happy and productive lives depends on how we feel about ourselves. There are many different factors that can cause us to think and feel negatively about ourselves. Such issues create not only emotional distress, but can also lead us into self-sabotaging behaviors. We will assist you in changing both your feelings and your beliefs about your self, and that will set you upon a new, fulfilling path.

For Couples

Sustaining a healthy and happy Long-Term Love Relationship (LTLR) is challenging, yet most of us were never taught the basics, such as how to handle conflicts. Having negative feelings about our partner is normal, but how do couples work together to resolve problems and strengthen their love and intimacy? We will enable you two to do that, setting your relationship upon a new, healthy, loving and intimate path.

The Relationship Institute

Infidelity Therapy in La Jolla, Ca

Infidelity is the number one reason couples seek counseling. Believe it or not, couples have taught us that not only can couples overcome infidelity, they can heal and rebuild their love relationship so that it is stronger, more intimate and loving, and affair-proof. Allow us to enable you two to do just that. Accents prejudice and stereotyping
infidelity counseling - la jolla, ca

Do you want to make your relationship work, but are too confused, hurt, anxious or ashamed to figure out how?

At The Relationship Institute we enrich and support individuals, relationships and mental health professionals by teaching them the secrets that create a healthy self and cement Long-Term Love Relationships.

The Relationship Institute

Expert Couple Therapy and Individual Therapy

The Relationship InstituteIntimacy Therapy and our website offer you tools to improve your ability to be the best version of yourself as well as a good partner in any relationship.

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