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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling for overcoming infidelity, affairs and betrayals, improving relationships and building Long-Term Love Relationships - The Relationship Institute Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs, and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships
"Love Intimately" Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs, and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships

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Workshops –
for Couples and Therapists


Couples Therapy

For Couples in the San Diego Area

TRI is starting up new Relationship Thriving Couples Groups. These are short-term and very affordable groups that meet 6 consecutive weeks, 90 minutes each. The cost is only $100/meeting, substantially less than the cost of traditional couples therapy! The learning and relationship improvement begins before the group meets. You will receive materials to read and complete and then the skill building begins with the first meeting. Each couple will learn the Three Intimacies: Self, Conflict and Affection Intimacy, the keys to Long Term Love Relationship strength, and you will begin to immediately apply and integrate the skills into your relationship. Groups are limited to 5 couples. So contact us now before October 14 and receive a 10% discount on the package and become that loving, intimate couple!

For Couples outside the San Diego Area

The Relationship Institute (TRI) works with couples from around the country. We offer intensive weekends for couples in a group setting or for a single couple who would like to benefit from intensive Intimacy Therapy. We will work with you during a Friday afternoon meeting, a full day Saturday and half-day Sunday intensive sessions. This is an opportunity for you to benefit from working with us no matter where you live! To maximize our work together, we send you materials to complete and read so the work begins before you arrive and when you get here we really hit the ground running. Then our work is divided into three days allowing you to learn, absorb and apply the skills, and begin to integrate them. Thereafter, phone sessions and Skype sessions are available. Contact us to learn more about how to become one of the couples who has a resilient, loving and intimate relationship!


Therapists Training

For Therapists in the San Diego Area

Local California therapists: TRI is starting an Intimacy Training group for therapists. The group meets in San Diego eight Fridays beginning in mid-October, 2009. The cost is $100/meeting and the group is limited to 8 therapists. Training includes conceptualizing couples developmentally, learning the Three Intimacies and their related skills as well as training in the Three Fidelities typology. Let us teach you how to activate your clients’ “best self” and make your work more rewarding. Contact us now!

For Therapists outside the San Diego Area

The Relationship Institute is starting a teletraining group for therapists who want to learn how to conduct Intimacy Therapy for couples, as well as TRI’s approach to treating infidelity couples. This will involve 10 weeks of on-line training that includes video and written materials sent to participants and telephone contact for discussion and question and answers on cases and didactic learning. The fee is $450 for the 10-week training. An introductory group starts in mid-October and an advanced course begins in January. Contact us for details. Participation is limited. Learn how to conceptualize your couples’ stuck spots, set appropriate goals and use effective interventions. Feel more effective and professionally satisfied with Intimacy Therapy! Sign up before October 4 and receive a 10% discount.

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