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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling for overcoming infidelity, affairs and betrayals, improving relationships and building Long-Term Love Relationships - The Relationship Institute Information for Therapists providing Therapy and Relationship Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs, Creating Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships
"Love Intimately" Information for Therapists providing Therapy and Relationship Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs, Creating Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships

TRI Offers Teletraining

TRI is now offering teletraining in
our unique approach to working
with couples and infidelity.
Call us at 858-552-1126 or 858-729-1272 for information.

Training for Therapists!

In the San Diego area

"Intimacy Therapy Training for Therapists"
weekly meetings in a small group setting
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Outside of the San Diego area

"Intimacy Therapy Training for Therapists"
a 10-week series of on-line training sessions
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"We can't solve problems
by using the same kind of
thinking we used when
we created them."

Albert Einstein




For Therapists

Do you find yourself challenged by clients whom you can’t seem to move to make progress out of their pain, conflict or betrayal?

All of us have had this experience despite our best efforts.
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What we’ve learned is that teaching clients how to be Self-Intimate and Conflict-Intimate (two of the Three Intimacies) motivates them to both face their distress and define clear personal and relationship goals as well as providing concrete ways to move past their old “stuck spots”.

Are you overwhelmed with the intensity of couples dealing with affairs?

Infidelity is one of the most personally challenging issues a therapist faces, and it is the number one reason couples seek therapy.
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Using the model of the Three Infidelities to determine the type of affair effectively assists the therapist in knowing how to best help both the betrayed and betrayer. Using the TRI developmental approach and teaching the Three Intimacies to clients equips the therapist with concrete tools and a clear way to understand the couple’s stuck spots. The therapist then is able to target these areas effectively to give the couple skills and hope two things they desperately need in order to do the hard work required of each of them.


Since the 1990ís our workshops and trainings for professionals have helped thousands of couples and therapists learn how to create resilient and intimate Long-Term Love Relationships.

CONTACT US to get information regarding
training opportunities to become a successful
Intimacy Therapy clinician.

Colleague, welcome to The Relationship Institute (TRI)!

A major emphasis of TRI and our website is to introduce and share Intimacy Therapy with you. Intimacy Therapy, which consists of a simple yet comprehensive conceptual framework of long-term love relationships as well as powerful couples therapy techniques, is our approach to assisting couples in distress heal and rebuild their relationship. Here on the TRI website we provide Intimacy Therapy materials you can use in your office with your clients as well as articles that will introduce you to how intimacy therapy works.

We offer training in Intimacy Therapy to enable you to become an expert in working with couples and infidelities. We are Marriage Friendly Therapists. We are committed to supporting clients and their relationship. We work to help them truly face their relationship issues, provide them with a clear path to understanding their choices and teach them how to integrate their thoughts and feelings so they can make a clear-headed decision about one of the most important aspects of their lives: their marriage.

Look in the “Resources For Therapists” section for the specific materials we make available for you and for use with your clients. These include:

  1. Information about our developmental approach to Couples Intimacy Therapy, including our concepts such as the Three Intimacies, the Three Deal Breakers and the three types of infidelity.
  2. Both experiential and didactic handouts that you can print and use with your clients, including the main Self-Intimacy and Conflict-Intimacy building tools we use with clients.
  3. Articles we have published about our approach and its applications.
  4. A bibliography of suggested readings for therapists and to recommend to clients, especially those dealing with infidelity.

Online Training Course – We offer an on-line course in the TRI approach to healing infidelity entitled, "Making Up Is Hard To Do - Couples Therapy After Infidelity" which can be found at

Additional Professional Publications – You can also learn more about TRI and Intimacy Therapy in our chapter in the Carlson & Sperry book entitled, "Recovering Intimacy in Love Relationships: A Clinician's Guide", Spring, 2009.

Training Opportunities – If you are a therapist interested in couples therapy training opportunities at TRI, please complete the Information Request Form on the Contact Us page. You may also use the form to give us feedback, send us questions regarding therapy issues or about training opportunities and referrals.

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