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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling for overcoming infidelity, affairs and betrayals, improving relationships and building Long-Term Love Relationships - The Relationship Institute Couples Therapy and Counseling Services for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs in a Marriage and Building Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships
"Love Intimately" Couples Therapy and Counseling Services for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs in a Marriage and Building Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships

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"Intimacy Therapy" intensive weekend sessions for a group or a single couple
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Intimacy After Infidelity - by Dr. Steve Solomon and Dr. Lorie Teagno click here to buy the book Intimacy After Infidelity
Find out how you can avoid a painful divorce and rebuild a relationship that is better than you could have dreamed.

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"Infidelities are devastating,
but not necessarily
relationship dealbreakers."

Steven Solomon & Lorie Teagno




Infidelity Solutions Counseling

Do you suspect that your partner is having or has had an affair?

Let us help you learn how to talk to your partner about these fears.
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While we all want to know the truth, we also have to be ready to hear the truth and know how to ask the questions. We will help you and your partner talk about the threats to your relationship and teach you how to build upon your relationship strengths as well as create new skills that make the relationship more intimate and resilient and secure.

My partner had an affair, now what?

While affairs devastate a relationship, they do not have to end one.
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Right now you are struggling to catch your breath. You are shocked and devastated. Do not let your hurt, devastation or anger make your decision. Let us at The Relationship Institute help you calm yourself, slow down the decision process and help you regain your bearings. We specialize in helping individuals and couples survive and thrive after an infidelity as well as determine if the relationship is capable of being rebuilt and growing through the betrayal.

Have you betrayed your partner and don't know what to do about it – tell the truth or “lie ‘til you die”?

Let us help you at The Relationship Institute. read more >

We specialize in helping you understand the choices you have and how to go about dealing with your betrayal and its effects. We will help you survive and thrive after an infidelity AND find your way back to your integrity as well as determine how to proceed and cause the least amount of devastation to your partner, your relationship and yourself.

Are you confused by your betrayal(s) of your partner?

We’ve found that there are only three types of infidelity and each is fueled by an unrecognized feeling that lets us break our word and compromise our integrity. read more >

Let us help you understand how you betrayed yourself and your partner, whether your betrayal has been revealed or not, and help you regain your integrity.

Infidelity is the number one reason
couples seek counseling.

If there has been a betrayal or the relationship feels less secure,
let us help you learn the skills to make your relationship
affair-proof, stronger and more intimate

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to learn more about how we can help you.

At The Relationship Institute we each have more than 25 years of experience working with couples to successfully work through the pain, confusion and devastation of an infidelity. While it seems so unlikely, relationships can heal, prosper and become better after an infidelity. Intimacy Therapy teaches couples how to construct a deeper, more satisfying and resilient relationship despite the pain and disappointment that has occurred. Let us help you become one of those relationship partners! We will assist you in making sense of the immediate chaos of feelings and determine how to best proceed.

Infidelity is SO difficult and painful that it often takes the assistance of an expert to help you navigate the intense and complex feelings of the betrayal. Be certain to choose a therapist who is trained specifically in helping couples work through infidelity, a therapist who has a clear understanding of how to assist couples in facing the depth of feelings without taking sides or assuming they know what is best for you or your marriage. A Marriage Friendly Therapist is committed to supporting partners as they go through the difficult work of finding out whether they can heal their marriage after infidelity has shattered it. As experts in marriage and infidelity, our work with you will offer you hope as we give you the tools and a blueprint for greater understanding and a means to integrate your thoughts and feelings so you can make a clear-headed decision about one of the most important aspects of your life: your marriage.

You'll find a library of useful resources here that includes links to TRI handouts, educational materials and other resources for relationship assistance and conflict resolution.

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