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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling for overcoming infidelity, affairs and betrayals, improving relationships and building Long-Term Love Relationships - The Relationship Institute Couples Therapy and Counseling Services for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs in a Marriage and Building Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships
"Love Intimately" Couples Therapy and Counseling Services for Overcoming Infidelity and Affairs in a Marriage and Building Long-Term Love Relationships and Increasing Intimacy in Relationships

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In the San Diego area

"Relationship Thriving Couples Groups"
six very affordable weekly group meetings
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Outside the San Diego area

"Intimacy Therapy" intensive weekend sessions for a group or a single couple
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Save Your Marriage!

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Find out how you can avoid a painful divorce and rebuild a relationship that is better than you could have dreamed.

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"We enjoy warmth because we
have been cold. We appreciate light
because we have been in the darkness.
By the same token, we can experience joy
because we have known sadness."

David Weatherford


Couples Counseling

“Til death do us part” seemed so right, but now does it seem so impossible?

It is sad and scary when what once seemed so right and easy now feels so difficult and frustrating. read more >

At The Relationship Institute we specialize in helping couples develop Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLRs) by teaching you how to know yourself and your partner better and how to work through your differences to deepen your relationships and find the love and joy you once had. And we teach you how to grow your relationship so that “til death do us part” becomes a joyful promise again.

Affairs devastate relationships, but do not have to be relationship enders.

We can help you navigate this painful and challenging time and help you and your partner determine the best future for your relationship.
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We will help you heal and rebuild your relationship so it is better and stronger than ever and Affair-Proof.

Marriage researcher John Gottman has defined four attitudes that predict the dissolution of a relationship. He discovered patterns of relating that predict with 94% accuracy which marriages will end and which will succeed. The damaging attitudes are:
(listed in order of least to most dangerous):

  • Criticism
  • Contempt
  • Defensiveness
  • Stonewalling

Having negative feelings about our partner is normal, but knowing how to effectively communicate these is the KEY to relationship success.

If you or your partner uses any of the above behaviors, let us help you learn a BETTER WAY to work through your inevitable differences so that they do not harm your love for each other. Try Intimacy Therapy!

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The Relationship Institute, Intimacy Therapy and our website offer you tools to improve your ability to be a good partner in any relationship, education about what comprises such a relationship and how to evaluate your relative relationship strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a therapist it is important to check his/her credentials, length of experience working with couples and orientation and commitment to working with couples, that is, whether OR NOT they are A MARRIAGE FRIENDLY THERAPIST, focused on the best interests of the relationship and your family.

We offer these resources for individuals and couples seeking information and assistance in improving the quality and intimacy in their relationships. You will also find information about how to deal with relationship disappointments including infidelity and other forms of betrayal such as lying, as well as how to overcome unsuccessful conflict resolution and conflict laden and conflict avoidant relationships.

Couples Therapy Services & Specialties

  • Relationships in Crisis
  • Dealing with Infidelity
  • Strengthening existing relationships
  • Empty-nest relationships
  • Marriages and health challenges
  • Managing Anger & intense emotions
  • Groups for sustaining relationship change
  • Step-parenting skills
  • Building new loving relationships
  • Premarital assessment and skill building
  • New families
  • Parenting teens and balancing marriage
  • Family Therapy
  • Education groups for relationship skill building
  • Blended family therapy

Resources for Couples

Check out our library of useful resources that includes links to TRI hand outs, educational materials and other resources for relationship assistance and conflict resolution.

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